Team Roster

The roster is as of June 5, 2008.  USMS numbers are provided where available.

S Booth 108G-052MS
L Broadhead 1088-05RDX
K Busch 108J-0397H
Z Carter 108H-039RJ
D Chestnut
B Clifford-Dicks 108W-036E0
K Cosgrove 108X-03975
W Dicks
B Gandee 108X-0374M
E Gaulrapp
P Grecco 108M-03BB0
R Hansen 108X-0364P
M Hinman 1082-05S2V
E Hurley 108N-02J8M
S Ice
J Jacobs 1088-039WS
M Jones 108A-00851
L Livingston 108Z-038W8
E Moy 1081-0373A
E Oberg 108N-03121
E O'Grady
J Oplinger 108S-037AZ
Y Park 1083-052U8
J Patteson
B Pitchford 108H-03PXU
K Ribeiro 108W-037J3
W Sax 108B-0377R
R Schanzer 108B-0368T
J Stacy 1082-0337H
T Sullivan 108Y-038FX
T Timmons 1085-0364Z
K Toner 1086-038KY
T Urban
J Valent 108X-036AW
C Ward 108E-036RV
R Webb
R Weidner 1080-03804
L Whitehand 108A-0377P
S Wilkinson-Megaw 108S-0368D
R Yarbray
M Yu 108C-039KK


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